Export Prohibited Goods List (Annexure-1; Export Policy 2021-24)


[Unless otherwise specified in the Export Policy 2021-24, the following goods shall not be exported]



(a) All petroleum and petroleum products except those produced from natural gas
(such as naphtha, furnace oil, lubricant oil, bitumen, condensate, MTT and MS).
However, this prohibition shall not apply to the export of petroleum and LNG as
shares, as per agreement, of the foreign investment companies under the Production Sharing Contracts.

(b) Any outbound passenger shall be allowed to carry goods made in Bangladesh in
accompanied baggage, in excess of his or her personal effect, worth USD 200 (USD two hundred only), which are neither export-prohibited nor included in the list of conditional exports. No
facilities such as duty drawback/adjustment, subsidy, etc. for the goods so carried
shall be awardable.


Jute seeds and `Shan' seeds.


Rice (except Government-to-Government level rice and aromatic rice).


As per section 29 of the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012 (Act No. XXX of 2012) no person shall be allowed to export or re-export of any wild animal or parts thereof, trophy,
unfinished trophy, or plants mentioned in the schedule lV or parts or derivatives thereof-

(a) through any other route except the Customs port of exit;
(b) without CITES certificate, where applicable; and
(c) without licence.


Firearms, ammunition, and the related materials.


Radioactive materials.


Archeological relics.


Human skeleton, or anything produced from human beings or human blood.


All types of pulses (except processed pulses).


All shrimps except chilled, frozen and processed ones.


Onion, garlic and ginger.


(a) All types of processed shrimp smaller than 61/70 count/pound (Macrobrachium

(b) Prawns (Penaeus monodon) smaller than 71/90 count/pound;

(c) i. Harina or rough skin or Brown (Metapenaeus monoceros) saga or yellow
(Metapenaeus brevicornis) Chaka or White (Fenneropenaeus indicus) shrimp
smaller than 100/200 count/pound;


ii. All types of processed, except PUD, cooked, 100/200 count/pound PUD, Bagtara or Cat Tiger or Rainbow (Parapenaeopsis sculptilis) and Chamna or Red Tiger or Kiddi or Coromandel (Parapenaeopsis stylifera) shrimp smaller than 300/500 count/pound.


Cane, wood, and wood logs/thick pieces of wood (except handicrafts made from these
materials). However, rubber wood of Forest Industries Corporation will be allowed to
export as inputs for furniture industries located in Export Processing Areas which will
be considered as deemed export. These furniture industries will have to submit export
statements of furniture made from the wood as mentioned above to the concerned